Stacks of sea character in a small linocut

Detail of 'Stacks', a small 3 plate linocut print.

Sea stacks are caused by the action of the sea on the coast. The sea finds a weakness in a headland and creates a hole, leaving a bridge of rock intact above it. Eventually the bridge collapses to leave an isolated pinnacle of rock sitting detached in the ocean. Lynne describes them as having an eerie and fascinating beauty.

This small print, one of the smallest Lynne has created so far, packs a lot of character. The first plate was printed as a classic flat colour. The second plate involved a graduated roll of two colours. The third plate has been hand painted with more than one colour at once. Hand painted plates add a great deal of texture and variation to a print. This texture, or 'character' as Lynne thinks of it, goes against the 'classical' approach to printmaking. The classical approach to printmaking requires that each print is exactly the same, indistinguishable one from the other. The prints in this edition each have their own subtle character, though they clearly belong to the edition.