Harrogate Exhibition - July 2013

An initial painting planning carefully the number of colours and their use.

Lynne has spent a lot of time in hospital since her last post here on this blog. She is now feeling much better thanks to the fantastic work of the staff there. Having neglected her art practice during this time she is now champing-at-the-bit and has agreed to be part of an exhibition in Harrogate this year – for which she plans a whole host of new prints.

Illustrated above is an idea which is a rework of a previous idea, which didn't satisfy her. Creating artwork is often a process of reworking and reworking until all problems are solved and the solution emerges. Some pieces almost 'draw themselves', while others require a persistence beyond the point of what might seem sensible to others. While the idea above is 90% resolved, there is still the matter of whether the colour scheme is the right one. It may be the right one, but other colour schemes will be explored before the print is made.

The idea above has been inspired by Harrogate Stray which contributes a great deal to the character of the Yorkshire town where the exhibition in July will be. Lynne is currently looking into developing another print based on this subject for the exhibition.